CLEAR Total Purity System (TPS)

Stage 1: Copper/Silver Ionization System


 This helps dramatically reduce the amount of sanitizer you will have in your spa. Positively charged mineral ions are attracted to negatively charged particulates and helps the filter to work at its optimum performance.

Stage 2: Magnetic Field


In conjunction with the copper/silver ionization, this tee Water passes by the powerful magnetic field which polarizes molecules and gives water a positive (+) charge. This gives a silky smooth feel and eliminates the need for adding chemicals.

Stage 3: UVC Sanitizer


This is used to sanitize water in EPA-approved devices with little to no chemical sanitizer. Ultraviolet light is used by passing water over a focused wavelength ultraviolet (UV) lamp.

Stage 4:Ozone Generator


Ozone allows you to use less chemicals. Ozone is a gas that eliminates particulates in the water and breaks down chloramines via oxidation.

Why is it better? 


CLEAR helps eliminate red eyes, dry itchy skin, bleached out swimsuits, and the odor of chemicals.This system essentially transforms your spa into an oasis of mineral pure water.

To make CLEAR work at its optimum level, we have also included a 35 gallon per minute circulation pump. To put in in perspective, a Clearwater Spa working with our cleaning system and circulation pump, will put every drop of water through the filtration system 5 times an hour. 

Most manufacturers use the jets pumps to do two jobs; filter the water on low speed and move water to the jets on high speed. We at Clearwater Spas believes it’s more important to dedicate a pump to 24/7 water filtration. Every Clearwater Spa includes a 24/7 circulation pump.